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I’ve recently finished a platoon of five T34/85’s. These are PSC 15mm plastic models. They work well with BattleFront, but unfortunately I purchased these before realizing they aren’t available in the list I am building (Udarny). Oops! I do like how they turned out, FWIW. These are the first plastic tanks I’ve painted since the mid 1990’s, technique is a bit rusty but YouTube is a great help. I based the tanks on BF large bases to give them a little more heft. While not necessary, I like the look with the bases better than without, and it does protect them a bit.


Used For …

PSC Soviet T34/85 The models …
Vallejo Surface Primer – Russian Green Primer, basecoat
Vallejo Model Color (VMC) – Russian Green Basecoat drybrush
VMC Russian Uniform WWII First highlight
VMC Iraqi Sand Mixed with Uniform for further highlights
Secret Weapon Pigment – Terracotta Pigment wash
Tamiya Flat Brown Track basecoat
Vallejo Panzer Aces (VPA) – Dark rubber Road wheel surface
VPA Light Rust
VPA Rust
Mixed for rust effects on spare tracks, exhaust, etc.
Winton Oil Color – Van Dyke Brown + Mineral Spirits Oil wash for armor panel details.
Testors Dullcote Seal and matte finish




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