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… but I’m still making progress. I am just about finished with the last battalion of 3rd East Prussian Landwehr. I am trying out a new technique on this last unit – I have used Gouache (opaque watercolors) as the basis for a final wash on the jackets. The result is very not-bad. I like the results with oil washing perhaps a bit better, but keeping the entire process in acrylics saves time and cleanup. Not important for 28mm figures, but doing 15’s in bulk a little time saved goes a long way. I’ll try to get a decent shot of the results when the models are complete. One other side note, on a lark I airbrushed a Gloss Glaze Medium from an old acrylic artist’s set I have lying around rather than a spray-can varnish – it worked great as a base for the wash and left a very subtle finish that will require a lot less work to cover up than a heavy spray coat. I like trying new things, but I love it when they work out ok.

Here are the components of the wash – all were thinned with distilled water and a bit of flow-aid to the proper consistency:


Once the Prussians are finished, I will take a crack at the Dark Vengeance boxed set for 40K. Should be interesting … as I haven’t painted a sci-fi mini in about 15 years. However, new rules – first in, first out. I bought them, I am obligated to paint them up!

After that, back to Prussians and Soviets.


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