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Back in the saddle this weekend after my road trip to Recon. I finished up the 3rd and final battalion of the 3rd East Prussian Landwehr Regiment from 3rd Brigade at the Battle of Dennewitz – apparently 3 is the number of the day. I am pretty happy with the shadow detail, the Gouache wash worked well. I may continue to refine that technique going forward, it looks like an effective time saver without too much of a compromise in the result.


Next up I will be expanding my Flames of War Soviets to the Mid-War period. The next convention I will be attending is NJCon, Mid-War is the theme and I am also planning to visit my friends in Florida again for Hurricon – that will also have a Mid-War FoW tournament. I have started assembling eight M3A1 Stuart light tanks from Forged in Battle minis – very well cast resin hulls with fiddly bits on the metal turrets. The gun barrels had to be glued on, which sucks a little. I used five-minute epoxy to give them a fighting chance. I have the feeling I’ll be drilling the hulls and making barrels from brass tube/rod stock.


I mentioned 40K as next up on the bench in an earlier post, but the Dark Angels will have to wait.  I did complete a trade for a bunch more tactical marines (20) and 5 more Deathwing Terminators to go with my Dark Vengeance boxed set. About half of them were painted, and not particularly well. I found the time to strip all of the paint/primer using a 50/50 mix of Simple Green and water. Works like a charm without harming the plastic.


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