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I finished painting the Stuart tanks a few days ago, but didn’t have time to post until now. Yesterday was a “road warrior” day – I had breakfast in Omaha, a late lunch in Detroit, and dinner at home in Pennsylvania.

Anyway, I finished detailing the 8 M3A1’s. Two passes of color modulation gave the models a nice 3D look. On a 15mm model, my interpretation of modulation is “paint all the raised detail with your mid highlight” with a little edge highlighting thrown in. Not “realistic” but it looks cool. I use a glazing mix for this technique (paint, glaze medium, a drop of flow/water solution) as I like the effect created by a little transparency. It adds a bit more depth to the finished product.

After re-highlighting (okay, modulating) I put a very runny coat of Track Primer on the tracks and picked out a few details – machine guns, shovels and tools, searchlight, etc. The models are ready for decals and final varnishing today, but supplies are low (I am out of Micro Sol). I will also trick up the bases a bit more, at the moment they have only a coat of dark earth on them. Last but not least, I may weather the tracks and lower hull, I haven’t made up my mind. I overdid it on the last batch of tanks (T34/85’s) so need to take a step back and convince myself one way or the other.

Semi-crappy photos, I’ll have to do something about my camera and lighting.



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