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Ready to go, but I am going to have to play a Tankovy list – I ran out of time and won’t finish all of the teams required to play Motostrelkovy as planned. Memorial day was a lost weekend, the wife had me running around, and work blew out last weekend.

I slapped together an army display board, at the moment just a simple two level hillside. It will be tarted up a bit when I have more time, but for now it is usable.

Here is the army I am going to play:


The medium tanks are T34/85’s, which will not do. Thankfully the PSC kit comes with both turrets so I will finish up the 76 turrets tomorrow. I would really like to have more artillery or rockets, I’d like to have the option to use air support, and I need HMG teams but I ran out of time.


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