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I’ve had a chance to think about my list and how it performed at NJCon this week. I’ve taken a short break from painting and modeling to recharge the batteries and in the mean time thought about what I like and what I dislike about my Moto/Tankovy hybrid.

First and foremost, it is apparent that if I want to play an motorized infantry list, Motostrelkovy is not the way to go. There is no moto in Moto ;-> I used my Stuart tanks as transports but this is less than ideal as tank riders are extremely vulnerable. It is hard to hide a big platoon of tanks, even light tanks, and taking a small platoon means that each tank is carrying two or three infantry teams. Not good. I also think that infantry + MG armed transports is more efficient than just more infantry teams. Vehicle MG’s rock. The tanks provide MG’s when used as transports, but I am going to buy the tanks regardless of what I do with the infantry companies. I’m not giving up my Stuarts, I think they are cool!

So, my current thinking is that I will morph the force I am building into a Rota list. I’ve hopped around the blogosphere getting ideas and there are two builds that appeal to me – the scout cars and the universal carriers. Doing the math, the carrier option provides the max number of vehicle MG shots when mounted and on the move. The scout car option has less dice, but greater firepower from the .50’s so in use is probably more effective. Infantry is almost always dug in and the .50’s are also useful against light armor. Defensively the carriers spread out better, are smaller and easier to hide, and minimize infantry losses when a transport is destroyed.

On balance, I think I will start by adding one full platoon of each type, scout car and universal carrier, to my list. I have plenty of infantry so I’ll only have to purchase the transports and crews. This is another advantage, albeit an out-of-game advantage, to the carrier option – they are three-to-a-pack with crews included. The scout cars are single vehicles and do not include the Rota crew. So, three packs of carriers to a platoon vs. five scout cars + a crew pack.

I already have Rota crews, and I just picked up a pack of universal carriers. I need to clear the stuff that is currently on the table and get cracking. I don’t have any games lined up immediately so I probably have until mid-August to get this all painted.


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