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This week was more-or-less a total loss as far as painting and modeling are concerned. I had to take another business trip to the west coast, with an unscheduled stop on the way back in Detroit (again, same two clients). Nothing much to report on progress, but I did do a little prep work today.

I have three SU-100’s on the table that are now completely assembled and basecoated in Russian Green. I have also started to prep one Rota platoon of Universal Carriers (nine vehicles) and one additional SU-122 that are all Battlefront resin models. I will finish up my purchasing this week for PLAN ROTA, I need M3A1’s (7) and maybe some odds and ends.

While I was away, a bunch of orders were delivered. I have the Universal Carriers and SU-122 that I mentioned above, flamethrower teams, a pack of tank commanders, two squad command/commissar packs, a heavy mortar platoon, Rota Razvedki crews (2 packs), motorcycles and sidecars for the mid-war company command, and an artillery command section. With this batch, I can finish a platoon of Rota’s in UC”s, have all the crew necessary for the M3A1 scout cars, can flesh out a full strength heavy mortar company, and will also have the odd command and commisar stands for all of the non-BF stuff that I have painted up.

In addition, there are still 45mm AT guns on the bench from last week, as well as the PSC HMG’s and mortars.



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